About Us

We at Lightweights believe we are meant to play outside, to be active, to have fun, to be healthy, to feel the sun, the rain, the wind on our faces, to play in the surf and in the snow. We are meant to walk or ride our bikes to work and school under our own power. We are meant to be conscious, awake and alive. We are not meant to be heavy and dark. We are meant to be brilliant and light!

  • We are green conscious folks 
  • We care about the environment and the people who want to feel safe out playing in it
  • We wanted to play with the brightest most effective reflective in the world So...
  • Lightweights, invented in 2001, incorporated in 2005  
  • Our products sold out in the first bike shop we stocked inside of a week
  • We have had an online store ever since and our products are sold around the world
  • Lightweights are Made in the USA - we never left and came back - we were always here
  • We actually export our USA made Lightweights to countries all over our one world
  • We are people who bicycle commute, run, walk, paddle, surf, sail, and generally play outside
  • Contact Us by email or by phone at 773 528-1555
  • Social links:
  • www.facebook.com/Lightweights
  • www.youtube.com/LightweightsReflect
  • @Lightweights__
  • Lightweights® is a registered trademark of Lightweight Safety Limited